1975 - 1985

1975 - 1985

1984 Audio

Wollongong City Council rejected a suggestion to excavate the fort. Some Alderman (members of the Council) asked to have the site excavated to decide if the area could be restored. In late 1984, Wollongong City Council allowed an exploration of the cannons. The report stated that the cannons were in good condition. An estimate of how much it would cost to restore the cannons and fort began.

1981 Audio

Wollongong City Council's Health and Building Committee approved (voted 7-1 in favour) a suggestion to restore Smith's Hill Battery Park Fort.

1980 Audio

29th April - The Council's Heritage Committee called a public meeting at Wollongong Town Hall hoping for support to reopen the fort. The Illawarra Historical Society supported the meeting.

1979 Audio

Requests were made to Wollongong City Council for permission to explore Smith's Hill Fort for restoration (fixing damage).

Greg Scott and Ray Brown began a project to write a history of Smith's Hill Fort and Flagstaff Hill.